New Ink Release: Paradise Found

Spa ink Catherine Pooler

How often can you help introduce a NEW line of inks? Today is the debut release for Catherine Pooler’s new Spa Line of inks – Paradise Found Collection. I have been waiting for this day for a LONG time, as these colors are definitely my colors! I hope you love a peek into these gorgeous colors now available in the shop over at Catherine Pooler Designs – click here to see them!

Along with these fabulous inks, you’ll also see seven brand new products – three stamps and four dies, and one of my favorite Stamp of Approval collections hit the shop too! Here’s a little taste from the new sets and Naturally Inspired all in these soothing, earthy colors that really pack a punch.

First up here’s a gorgeous example of what these inks can do with water. I did a little demo over on Catherine’s Facebook 2 pm Live yesterday to show exactly how you can start to layer these beauties.

The color is rich, muted and makes me just say Ahhhh, every time I look at them. Above you see all eight colors in ROYGBIV order – Peppermint Scrub, Mandarin Spice, Sauna, Green Tea, Eucalyptus, Daydream, Juniper Mist, and Royal Treatment. Aren’t those names and colors just incredible!

And here are a few layered with the amazing hand lettered stamp by Ilana Griffo:

And just to showcase how different this line is from the original party line, here’s a spa version of a card I made for the Naturally Inspired Release in June, but with the gorgeous spa tones. How’s this for a contrast:


As you can see the original line of Party inks are bright and vibrant, and the Spa line are soothing and muted. They still pack a punch, but I just LOVE the contrast!!! So, which one are you – Party or Spa?

Come back again this week, as I have so much more to share with you! Now get a hopping, there are some amazing cards for you to see….and if you haven’t already visited the shop – click here and quickly get your inks. There are limited supplies of some of the newer released items like the exclusive Glass Slipper and Wanderlust Embossing Glitter – so don’t miss out!!!

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  1. Christy Borfitz says:

    Amazing backgrounds, Ingrid! I am loving those inks!

  2. Christy Borfitz says:

    Wow Ingrid! The backgrounds are stunning! I can’t wait to try this!

  3. Fantastics backgrounds ! They are stunning !

  4. Love it when you get smooshy with your inks!

  5. Sophia Blair says:

    Wow! These backgrounds are amazing! Such a great demonstration of the different colours and what you can do with the inks! I’m looking forward to getting my hands on them!!

  6. Trina Chaska says:

    The new ink colors are gorgeous. Your backgrounds are very pretty using these inks.

  7. Thank you for the side-by-side comparison of a Party inks card vs. a Spa inks card. When the first few Spa colors were introduced I was rather underwhelmed, but now I can’t wait to get them into my hands (if only the post office comes through for me!)! Those Facebook Lives did me in, lol!

  8. Jodie Ramdas says:

    Gorgeous Ink backgrounds Ingrid! Definitely going to try this with my inks! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Cheryl Ellison says:

    I really like how these colors look together.

  10. foleysfriend says:

    Love the beautiful backgrounds you created. I’m a “party” girl myself.

  11. Your cards are beautiful.

  12. Mary nelson says:

    Fabulous cards! Love all those backgrounds!

  13. Barbara Spiegel says:

    I loved the Party Line from the beginning and then Catherine brought out the Spa!! It’s a hard decision, but I love the vibrancy of the new collection. I can’t wait to get my hands on them.


    I like your cards! Those feathers are so fun!

  15. Angie Hall says:

    What terrific backgrounds with the new inks. I love the bright feather cards. Thanks.

  16. Aisha Roberts says:

    Love the colors

  17. I love your cards. The blending of colors is so pretty!

  18. I’m a little bit Party, and a little bit Spa. I didn’t see the Facebook post yesterday, but headed over there to watch your ‘how to’ watercolor with the new colors, now.

  19. Love your backgrounds.

  20. Beth swisher says:

    As always I love your creations. It was nice to see the comparison.

  21. These are such beautiful cards. I instantly fell in love with the feather cards. I want to make that one as soon as I get my supplies. Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. Linda Steinbaugh says:

    Ingrid, love the comparison of the two feather cards!

  23. Those backgrounds are gorgeous. Love all the wonderful colors.

  24. Love the “Most Wonderful Time” card. I want my package to be delivered now! Wah!

  25. Love the “Most Wonderful Time” card, especially. I want my stuff to arrive now! Wah!

  26. I love what you did for the backgrounds. They are stunning!! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Elizabeth G says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, love the way you made the background pieces.

  28. I love what you did for the backgrounds. They are stunning!!

  29. Denise Bryant says:

    Awesome backgrounds and pretty feathers on your lovely cards!

  30. Deborah Kaye says:

    Love those backgrounds! Thank you or the comparison on the spa collection and the original party ink colors. Totally loving the spa colors.

  31. Donna Hawkins says:

    Wonderful cards! Love the colors and designs!

  32. Connie Hinkle says:

    Beautiful backgrounds!!! I like the spa colors better 😊

  33. I love those backgrounds. I think I may have to bring my Spa Collection to work the day after Thanksgiving and make some. It will give me something to do since no one will be in. Paid to get inky, win-win. I think I will wear gloves just in case a patient does wonder in.

  34. ,Mary Holshouser says:

    I think I have to go with the Spa colors.
    Like the more muted tones.
    Both are beautiful.
    thanks for sahring.

  35. Holly Graham says:

    I love what you did for the backgrounds they are beautiful.

  36. Love these card ideas. I have to check out your video on how you did the backgrounds. They look really cool. I cant wait to try them.

  37. Dee Earnshaw says:

    gorgeous cards – love the backgrounds – thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  38. Love the backgrounds you’ve made. I have to go watch the video and see how to do it. I’m excited to see the various ways these inks perform! Thanks for sharing these ways..

  39. I love all of those backgrounds! You’ll have to show us how you make each one into a card!

  40. Becca Yahrling says:

    The new ink colors really are gorgeous. Love this awesome release.
    Your cards are beautiful.

  41. I’m with you, Ingrid; I’m a SPA girl, too. I love that smooshed background, and the contrast between the two lines really is amazing. Thank you guys for the inspiration and the work it took to get here. I can’t wait to get my inks!

  42. Ingrid, your talent always blows me away. Love the way these inks move with water & the soft colours are gorgeous. Everything about this release is yummy.

  43. Gorgeous colors, and I love seeing the two cards that are the same with colors from the different collections – great way the showcase them! I think I’m a Spa girl…

  44. Barbara Brennan says:

    a SPA explosion of colorful background…simply beautiful.

  45. Thank you so much for creating those single pieces with water effects. Gorgeous.

  46. Sharon Field says:

    I REALLY like those backgrounds. Both feather cards are really pretty too. After watching all you talented ladies I really like the Spa inks.

  47. Ingrid,

    Love your cards. The ink smoothing turned out great with the new colors. Can’t wait to see more.

  48. I adore those watercolour, smooshy panels in the Spa colours! Can’t wait to see what you do with them. The galaxy background card is beautiful, as well, setting off the great big sentiment statement.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Caroline B recently posted…Caring Hearts Card Drive 2017My Profile

  49. Michele Strickland says:

    Those are cool backgrounds!

  50. Absolutely love your style and teaching yesterday on the live! Love all the cards, just gorgeous!

  51. Terri Mansfield says:

    Ingrid I was on the fence about the inks (because I have so many) but your demo on the FB Live yesterday sealed the deal for me. Those individual swatch cards are what did it for me……I love the way they all look lined up next to each other….great selling tool. Your cards are amazing, as always. My daughter and I were admiring your work yesterday. Can’t wait for my delivery!!

  52. I am really liking these colors, although I see a need for both spa and party. The Juniper Mist is like a navy blue which I really wanted. I do love Catherine’s ink pads they blend and stamp so well.

  53. Susan Wareham says:

    So very cool really like the new colors.

  54. Pretty smooshed backgrounds, and the cards are so pretty – thanks for showing the difference in the color families – I think I’m more of a SPA person, at least for fall and winter.

  55. These watercolor pieces are so pretty. Thanks for showing us another great use for these inks.

  56. Love how you “smooched” the backgrounds. The new inks are super colors together and separately!

  57. Well, I’m the spa type, but can’t decide which is my favorite…maybe the Daydream. What great backgrounds you show us how to do! thx

  58. Beautiful backgrounds and I like the colorful feathers.

  59. Marge Hurtig says:

    Beautiful cards Ingrid, I Can’t wait for my new inks to get here.

  60. Donna Neal says:

    I love how you created those backgrounds and that you made one featuring each of the new colors! I did get to watch you demonstrate the technique on Facebook live – thank you so much for doing that! Your cards are beautiful!

  61. These inks are incredible looking. Can’t wait for my order to arrive.

  62. Glenda Lee Nutting says:

    Wow! Those backgrounds!

  63. Nana Griffin says:

    Your backgrounds are cool. I love the feather colors in both cards and the comparison in tones. So looking forward to getting my order.

  64. Nana Griffin says:

    The cards are so great! Love the difference between the spa color feathers and the party. You show cased them so well and great backgrounds created too.

  65. All I can say is WOW! I can’t wait to play! Oredered my inks this morning!

  66. All I can say is WOW! I can’t wait to play!

  67. Oh my gosh ! I love these Spa colors. They are so rich looking. I too love the background pages you created.

  68. Gorgeous smooshed panels and cards!

  69. Wow! I’m going to try making those backgrounds as soon as my inks arrive!

  70. Here’s a Tremendously Terrific Tuesday packed with lots of Craftabulous play!!

  71. Priscilla Steele says:

    Really enjoyed seeing the live demo yesterday… My favs are Sauna, Green Tea and Eucalyptus. Makes me want to get inky!!!

  72. LisaMarie Johnson says:

    I am in love with the backgrounds you created! Can’t wait to get my ink!

  73. Jennifer Crossley says:

    I love how you make backgrounds! Thanks for showing us.

  74. LOVE that you can water color with Catherine’s inks!!! Just ordered mine and that’s the first thing I’ll be doing when they arrive.
    Great cards and I love those samples you made!!
    Susan Powell recently posted…Masculine Monday #45My Profile

  75. Vicki Smith says:

    You are so talented and such a pleasure to watch on Facebook with Catherine. Love your cards and different techniques including the smooshing techniques. Just placed my order!

  76. Love the inks! I am amazed at what the Design Team is doing with the Birds of a Feather Set! I wasn’t going to order it but when I saw this hop I had to! Sometimes it is hard to know how to use something until you see examples. And goodness! Did you give us some gorgeous examples!

  77. Ingrid as always great showcasing those inks colors. Can’t wait to get mine.

  78. Teresa Selby says:

    Love the beautiful cards you made! The colors are great. Thanks for sharing your idea’s and have a wonderful day today.

  79. Jeanette Vernon says:

    Beautiful cards. Love the new colors.

  80. I love the different way you showcased the colors. I will have to try this.

  81. Sharon Perehudoff says:

    Gorgeous cards and these colours are fantastic!! These new inks are awesome, can’t wait to order some.

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful cards.

  82. Awesome. Love all the new colours.

  83. Brandy Duncan says:

    Love how you showcased the new spa colors Ingrid. Your cards are fabulous as always

  84. I always learn so much from you Ingrid! These spa colors are beautiful.

  85. Tammy Hubley says:

    These inks are beautiful! Thanks for the comparison really shows how these are a must have!

  86. Jo Ann Lovell says:

    Love your work..just beautiful. I must add that I have learned so much from you and I am falling in love with watercolor. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

  87. Gorgeous! Missed the video [computer trouble] but I’ll catch it soon.

  88. Teresa Cherka says:

    Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

  89. Love the smoothing technique that highlights how well these inks go together. Thanks for also showing the same card with the different collections. I love them both!

  90. Awesome cards! Making backgrounds is one of my favorite things to do.
    Sharon Salerno recently posted…Baby Shower card!My Profile

  91. Wow! Love the colors! Beautiful!

  92. Colleen Balija says:

    Ahhh, those backgrounds!!!! Absolutely beautiful!

  93. Lorie Brunner says:

    Beautiful cards and these colors are fantastic!!

  94. Arianna Barbara says:

    Wow! Beautiful cards and colors!!!

  95. Susan White says:

    I love the ink smooshed panels!! These colors are so beautiful!!

  96. Beautiful as always Ingrid! When you put up those ROYGBIV watercolor rainbow swatches on FB Live yesterday…swoon!!!! 🌈❤️

  97. Love the watercolored pieces you showed in the FB Live. Can’t wait to see you use them in cards. This release is awesome.
    Theresa recently posted…Randomness in cardsMy Profile

  98. I LOVE those ink smooshed panels Ingrid! So pretty! I need to make some myself! Beautiful cards too! xoxox

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