There's a chill in the air and the holidays are right around the corner.

Each year, I want to send out my creative best. This class is about inspiring you and helping you look at your supplies in a different way.

Over the course of a few weeks we are going to give you 12 creative cards you can use for this Christmas. But what if you already know what you're doing, or gasp! have them already completed? Not to worry - this class is still for you. After all, they are just 12 designs that can be used any time of the year.

And this year we're adding a new element to our class to help you not only learn something new, but more importantly show you how to make the most out of one design. Read on to find out more...



Hi, I'm Ingrid Blackburn, the founder of The Creative Grove. Each year I'm always looking for great ideas for my Christmas and Holiday cards, how about you?

We all want to learn more and expand our creative skill set, but sometimes we struggle with new ideas, or just don't know how to incorporate them into that something special we want to send to the ones we love.

This course is about giving you new creative ideas and projects that will make your loved ones say " How did she do that?" We supply the starting point, something that will not only inspire you, but also give you step by step instruction - including color choices, techniques, and even how to fix mistakes!

How this class will give you not just 12 but 24 new ideas

Step-by-step video tutorials, creative tips, project specifics and close up photos

What makes this class different from all others

Our goal is to inspire you not just with 12 projects, but 24! The 2015 12 Days of Christmas class will give you something unique that you will only find here. The videos  and project PDFs are no where else. They are your own private collection of inspirational projects to refer back to as many times as you need.

Each project will continue to build your library by adding a new project page loaded with a step by step video, large detailed close up photos, and a PDF filled with creative tips, project specifics, and measurements.

In addition to the 12 Christmas projects, this year we are starting a new tradition - non-Christmas projects based off the techniques or elements in your 12 project videos. Once the 12 Christmas ideas have been posted, we will add photos and tips on how to convert your existing project techniques and sketches into new ideas. The goal here is to show you how easy it is to convert one idea into something else that is not at all based on the original concept - helping you to literally think outside the box!

As your library grows with each project, you will have a creative resource that you can tap into over and over again. When you have those days where inspiration is hard to come by, simply pull up your 2015 12 Days of Christmas Library, grab a project or sketch as your starting point and just create.

Christmas card making made easy

Learn new skills to broaden your stamping expertise

The Ultimate Christmas Card Class

12 Days of Christmas 2015 aims to give you a starting point and a creative spark for your holiday cards this year. Our goal is to keep you inspired and continue to teach you new and fun projects that you can return to for inspiration anytime you need to.

Each project page has the following:

  • Start to finish step by step video
  • PDF with written Project Instructions, Measurements, and Creative Tips
  • Large close up photos allowing you to see the tiniest of details

With each project, you will continue to add to your creative library, giving you a resource to use over and over again.

Class Specifics: 

  • Saturday November 21st the first project from class will go LIVE.
  • Over the next two weeks we will release the remaining eleven projects giving you a great project resource.
  • The 10 days following the videos, we will release 12 new projects photo tutorials based on your first 12 videos. The goal is to teach you how to stretch an idea and make the most of a great card.
  • You will have priority email access to the instructor - Ingrid Blackburn before, during and after class


This class also has 12 brand new ideas based off the original 12 projects! So you're getting MUCH more than the just 12 project ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at ingrid(at)

Q - What specifically will I learn during class? +

The LIVE class will run a total of four weeks. The first two weeks will have a new project release almost every day during the first two weeks. You will continue to get new non-Christmas projects based on the first twelve the 10 days after the video sessions. Afterward, the entire class will be available at once for you to go through self-paced.

Each project has step by step instruction in a video, PDF and large close up photos form.

Mostly you will learn projects that are technique based. Everything from distress, watercolor, resist, stencils, etc... We also feature a few Scenic and Clean and Simple projects as well.

Q - What if I don't understand something or need help? +

No problem! We are always available to answer questions. Just leave a comment at the bottom of any project page and we'll respond with answers or help. You can also email us if you prefer.

Q - How do I see the new content? +

That's easy, just go to your 12 Days of Christmas Classroom each week, and we'll add a new tile for each project to top of your 2015 library. Just click on the tile for the project you wish to see and it will take you to that specific project page.

Q - What kind of access do I get? +

You have full access to all class materials. You will retain lifetime access to all projects.

Q - What if I wish to cancel? +


This class is a digital product. Once you have registered for class, we are unfortunately not able to refund your purchase.  If you have not been able to register for the class and have not had access to the class contents, we will be happy to refund your payment.

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You will be re-directed to a registration page after payment. If you don't reach one, please contact us, Thank You!