Tool Tip–Embossing Buddy

Embossing Buddy

Do you know all the benefits of an Embossing Buddy?  This little pouch can really be a life saver.  I make sure to use it each time I emboss any image that is detailed – it’s an absolute must have tool in my stamping box on my work table.  But there are a few ways to use it that you may not be aware of!

Tip – The Embossing Buddy is an antistatic fabric pouch that is filled with a powder to help get rid of any static on your project.  Take the one ounce pouch and rub it directly over the surface to be embossed.  It works on all types of paper and various other surfaces too.  This tool will ensure that no stray embossing powder flecks are left behind.  You will have a clean and crisp image when done.

Tip – Did you know that you should probably rub it on your fingers first?  Your fingers are the biggest culprit in having stray embossing powder left behind.  Why?  Well, we have all sorts of oils on our skin.  And if you live in a hot climate, just think of being sweaty, etc…  That’s a great way to leave a little behind on your cardstock that is super absorbent.  And that is exactly what your embossing powder will stick to, oils and moisture – and not where you want it to.  So rub the buddy on your fingers first!Embossing BuddyTip – Here’s a tip you probably didn’t know – helping your stamps absorb ink.  If you have a bold stamp image – sometimes it can be a little frustrating to get a clean stamped image due to the sheer volume of the image.  Try rubbing your embossing buddy on your clean stamp before inking it up!  The powder will help to absorb the ink and give you a properly inked image.

So if you don’t have this little gem of a tool – be sure to put an Embossing Buddy on your wish list for your next order.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Jennifer Wittke says:

    Thanks, Ingrid! I never thought before of the fingers being a “magnet” for the embossing powder! I’m going to try your idea for bold, detailed stamps because I have had trouble getting an even image! Thanks again!

  2. Nancy Peters says:

    I’ve found the perfect storage container for the Embossing Buddy. An Altoids tin. I’ve just labeled mine, but it could be decorated. So much easier than getting it in and out of a plastic bag.

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