Harry Potter Inspired Card Video Hop

Harry Potter Card Hop

Have you ever been inspired by a favorite book or movie? Today I bring you a fun little video card hop, inspired by the Harry Potter series and a few of my crafty friends for a Harry Potter Scenic Card Tutorial!

This summer, Justine Hovey and I met up for lunch in Stuttgart, Germany while we were both visiting. I don’t even remember how we got onto the conversation – but we discovered yet, another love that we shared in common – Harry Potter! We thought, that would be a just for fun video hop – and my mind immediately went to my friend Laurel Beard – who I knew loved Harry Potter just as much as me. And Justine knew Jessica Frost Ballas was just as addicted, and this hop was born!

Harry Potter Scenic Card Tutorial - Ingrid Blackburn

So here’s a fun, book/movie series inspired hop for you – filled with prizes, a little magic and of course – Harry Potter!

Be sure to hop along all four blogs and YouTube channels – leave comments – cause we’re giving away prizes on each blog – Harry Potter themed prizes!! Plus it’s fun to see how each designer was inspired.

If you’ve followed me a little, I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I just HAD to create a Harry Potter scenic card! Harry Potter inspires me in so many ways – the castle, forest, bricks, owls, forest, dark vs. light, books, forest, wands, magic and oh, did I mention FOREST?!!! Naturally I had to create one of my favorite scenes of all time (Spoiler Alert) – the Dementor attack/Patronus charm at the end of Book 3.

Harry Potter Scenic Card Tutorial

I knew the perfect stamps to use too…Stampscapes. Kevin Nakagawa’s gorgeous line of stamps would perfectly evoke that larger than life feel I wanted to create along the frozen lake deep into the Forbidden Forest. Here’s a video of exactly how I created this beauty.

Click Here to watch video in HD on YouTube

The Tree Trunk stamp was perfect for this card. But I needed it at different heights – and what do you do when your card is larger than the stamp? That’s part of the beauty of Stampscapes stamps. The way Kevin has beautifully drawn these scenic elements is with little dots. So it’s very easy to naturally stretch and build onto your scene with it looking effortless and part of the original design.

So in this image, the left most trunk is actually only 4.5″ tall and the card is 5.25″ high. So how do you stretch your image so that it goes the full length? Simple – flip the top of the trunk around and stamp to fill that area. Now, you can’t have your tree get fatter – so you’re limited to a small part of the stamp, but see how it seamlessly lines up?

Stampscapes Tree Trunk Stamp

For the bottom – fill in the area with a little bit of color – add some dots with a micron pen and some distress markers. Then take the bottom of your stamp – ink it up and fade out the edges on it. That leaves you with the gorgeous texture – use that to fill in your trunk base. It just blends effortlessly! With more shading, and there’s zero chance of anyone noticing that wasn’t meant to be.Β Would you have seen the seam if I hadn’t pointed it out to you?

To bring the Harry Potter Scenic Card to life, layer your ink colors light to dark into your scene from the edge in. I used Kromekote Glossy cardstock – 12 pt for a strong base that let the colors glide with the Colorbox Stylus tool. Blues, Greys, Greens and Browns – your nature colors fill the scene with depth.

The key to this scene is the dark mystical nature of the Forbidden Forest. Without it, and it’s just another forest scene. We need the play of good vs. evil here – light vs. dark. Since I wasn’t sure how I could create a Dementor, I used dark shadows to get that effect playing off the bright explosive Patronus Charm.

Harry Potter Card - Forest Scene

And to get that bright glow – emboss the large buck (my Harry Patronus – the stag) and surround it with the white explosive glow. To get it to look just right, I had to play – and as you see in the video…a few ways just didn’t give the right feel. Swirls with a paper towel and some Hero Hues Unicorn Pigment ink did the trick.

Some finishing touches of white gel pen to emphasize ice and cold along the lake edge and glow in the tree trunks mixed with the perfect dark edging pulls the scene together. I didn’t have a greeting that worked for me, so I created my own with a downloaded Harry Potter free font.

I LOVE the third movie – and this is one of my favorite scenes. I think I love Harry and Hermine climbing over the huge roots at the base of these monster trees the most. The forest is so mystical and dark – I can do with out the dementors – they always freak me out…so it’s a good thing I can create my own Patronus – at least in a Harry Potter Scenic Card form!

Harry Potter Forest Card - Stampscapes - Ingrid Blackburn

What’s your favorite book/movie? Do you have something about this series that inspires you? Colors, characters, elements? When you start to create yourself – tag us with #CraftyPotterHeads! We’d love to see what you make.

Leave me a comment and I’ll enter you into my Harry Potter drawing! I’m giving away a couple decks of Harry Potter playing cards – to be delivered by Owl Oct. 1st….okay…I guess USPS will have to do. Back to reality for this muggle…

Thanks for stopping by! Now Accio Firebolt – hop on and visit my crafty friends for more chances to win and some creative magical inspiration!

Harry Potter Magical Blog Hop List

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Jessica Frost BallasΒ – Head on over here Next!
Justine Hovey
Laurel Beard


To make finding the supplies I used in these projects a bit easier for you, here are a few clickable links. Compensated Affiliate Links are used when possible.Β Click hereΒ for disclosure. Happy Shopping!

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  1. I’m in awe! This is such a great scene, and you captured it beautifully! I didn’t get in on the hop in time, but so glad I stumbled upon it from Jessica’s YouTube channel. Love your work, and I’ve bookmarked you as a fav. Glad you all had the idea for this hop!

  2. Cynthia B. says:

    Your card looks A-MA-ZING! It looks like a still of the movie. Gorgeous work creating the Forbidden Forest. <3

  3. Debra Miller says:

    Love LOVE Love this scene! I have the Stampscapes stamps and can’t wait to give this one go! Harry Potter and stamping!
    Thank you for sharing your talents and inspiration! (this muggle is heading to my craft room! – via portkey of course!)

  4. Joanne Hinsperger-Scott says:

    I am in awe! Loved watching this. But I have to ask… Q: What is the clear plastic hinged thing with the grid pattern on it that you use with the rubber stamps? I have never seen one before and would like to watch a video on what it is and how to use it.

  5. Fantastic card. I love to watch you create such wonderful cards.

  6. Your card is spectacular.

  7. Janet Ingraham says:

    How do you beat a movie Harry Potter card. AWESOME

  8. Seriously?!?! We just finished watching this movie for the umpteenth time!! I love it. Your card and technique is stunning!!!

  9. Linda Steinbaugh says:

    Wow! What a great card. You really put your all into this one. I’m so impressed! My daughter and I have read all the books, listened to all of them on audio and seen all the movies! I just love your card!

  10. Such a great card. Inspires me to create!

  11. Such a great card! I love the idea!

  12. Susie Draper says:

    Love the card. I appreciate how you explained how to elongate the trees. I have to try it.

  13. Love this card. My wish list has just gotten longer.

  14. Gina Johnson says:

    Your card is absolutely beautiful. Your scence cards are always amazing. Thank you for sharing. Thank you so much for the give away.

  15. Maria Hultander says:

    I absolutely LOVE this card! It’s so realistic and beautiful, like a picture from the movie scene. Super impressed by your techniques and creativity.

  16. Gerrie Prince says:

    This was absolutely AMAZING to watch.
    I love this card. I’m speechless.

  17. Your card is absolutely stunning! I’m in the process of finishing book 3 right now!

  18. Barbara Woodard says:

    OMG just had to add to my previous comment. I’ve watched this video on my day off from work 6 times!!!!! I learn something every time I watch it!!

  19. I am in Awe over this card. Not so much into Harry Potter, but the application and technique used can be made for other inspiration too. Thank you so very much for the video it really helped me see how you achieved that look. I have a few Stampscape stamps from over 10 years ago I now need to dig them out and use them again, along with adding more to my stash.

  20. Jennifer Crossley says:

    I love this card! Beautiful!

  21. Lynne Smith says:

    My favorite will always be the first book as that was where the adventure started.

  22. I love that you guys came up with a HP themed card blog hop! So cool!

    If I had to pick, I’d have to say the last book is my favorite, because you see how things that were mentioned here and there in previous books all come together and you get that ah-ha moment. I just think that’s really neat!

  23. This is so very cool! Love the darker colors on here! While I don’t know very much about Harry Potter my son is a die hard fan and reads the books over and over! I have created a birthday party around it and used the school colors as the color scheme!

  24. Brandy Duncan says:

    Wow Ingrid, I’m speechless. All I can say is your a creative genius.

  25. Sharon Perehudoff says:

    Awesome card! Love Harry Potter! Really like the glow on this card, thank you, Ingrid, for sharing.

  26. OOOHHHH….. my goodness what an awesome card you made with this Forrest scene.
    This Harry Potter hop is super……I’m lovin’ it ;o)

  27. Carol O'Leary says:

    That card is a work of art. I’m not sure I can imagine working on one card for three hours, but this one is worth it. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to win!

  28. Wow! Watching you create the scene was crazy amazing. This is my first visit to your blog, but definitely not my last.
    Thank you for sharing!

  29. Barbara Woodard says:

    Jaw dropping awesome card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wish i was the one recieving it! This makes me want to reread the books and watch the movies again. thank you for sharing. you are so talented

  30. Donna Russell says:

    Wow beautiful card!!

  31. Denise Bryant says:

    Magical scene! I just love your beautiful card!

  32. We ( my daughter and I) are HUGE Harry Potter fans, we even have the Deathly Hallows symbol on our car window😊. So when I saw this Hop I was really excited…..now I see your card and WOW is all I can say!!😍 It is amazing how accurate you made that scene. Thank you!! You now have me thinking of how I could create scenes from the books or movies……oooohhhh, just thought of a good one. Thanks again!!

  33. Tiffany Roberts says:

    Wow!!! I’d love to put this card in a frame and add it to my Potter collection!!! It’s absolutely AMAZING!!!!

  34. Awesome card! Love this hop!

  35. Barbara Lambe says:

    Fabulous, I just love the card.

  36. Ana Carolina de Alexandria says:

    this card is incredible, so different, love your idea!

  37. This is an amazing card Ingrid, you really capture the essence of the patronus.

  38. so beautiful, thanks for the video!
    Chark recently posted…Strawberry Cream Pie DayMy Profile

  39. Such a great card!

  40. El Difani Ivens says:

    Fantastic card and great video. Love the books and the movies are great.
    I have read the series three times and can’t count the number of times I have seen the movies.

  41. LOVE this scene! it is so beautiful! if I have to choose from one of the 7 books, my favorite is the 3rd one, just because that is all before the killing started that just broke my heart each time! still a total potter head though!

    I actually made a Harry potter themed card for my nephew on his 10th birthday to go along with the illuminating wand I got for him as a gift!

  42. Love, Love, Loved this video! Potter head here too! This has to be one of my favorite videos I was glued to the screen.

  43. El Difani Ivens says:

    Love your card. Great video. Thanks for sharing your talents with us and inspiring us.

  44. El Difani Ivens says:

    Beautiful card. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing.

  45. This is just wonderful! Love all the Harry Potter books!

  46. Holy Moly, Ingrid! What a fabulous awesome card! It looks like a tiny freehand painted piece of artThanks so much for sharing a video of your technique! I got to get some of those stylus pen thingys.

  47. Susan E Guzy says:

    I love this scene in the movie also, but my favorite movie is Goblet of Fire.
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching you create this scene in your video. I was quite mesmerized. This card totally rocks!

  48. I love this card! I like the scene you’ve created here. This is beautiful!

  49. Joy Brimingham says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video creating this card! Such a cool concept and card! My favorite HP book is The Halfblood Prince. Though not the part where Dumbledore dies!😭

  50. Donna Jean Emo says:

    What an Awesome card! I love all the techniques you shared. This card is so beautiful!! I’ve been a Harry Potter fan from the beginning and now my youngest grandson is engaged in the magic. He is reading book number 5.

  51. Beautiful card – you did a great job recreating this scene! I love Harry Potter too. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I also really like the third movie, mostly because of Harry and Sirius finally meeting.

  52. Love this card. I want to try this. Thanks for the detailed instructions.

  53. Ingrid you are an amazing artist and teacher. I have only seen one movie. But
    this has made me want to see more. I wouldn’t use this as a card though…I’d frame it. It’s a wonder to behold. Thanks so much for sharing.

  54. Tammi Morgan says:

    Love Love Love this. I want the owl delivery please!!

  55. Wow! What an amazing card! I like the fist Harry Potter book the best, but I love them all!

  56. What a cool card and a great video! The Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book in the series (because Harry finds family who loves him).

  57. I am a very big Harry Potter fan and I absolutely love your card.

  58. Ohh, what an amazing card!! I love Harry Potter, but I need to finish reading them. I have all the books and movies.

  59. Kim Pietruszewski says:

    Seriously this blows my mind! I’m taking a Stampscapes class in a few weeks and your background is just…WOW!

  60. Emily Daniels says:

    That forest you designed is so creepy fantastic! My favorite Harry Potter movie is the Sorcerer’s Stone! It is so nostalgic and just wonderful getting to see the beginning of it all. My favorite book however, has to be Goblet of Fire simply because of Winky… I got such a kick out of the entire story of her drunken depression caused by being freed!!

  61. Totally gorgeous. Love Harry Potter.

  62. Absolutely love this!

  63. Jessica Lin says:

    This is amazing!!! I love this scene and I think it’s one that you can never forget. You recreated it so beautifully, great job!

  64. Wow, wow, wow! I love this! I am new to your blog and I couldn’t stop watching your video. So cool!!! We are not freaks, we are fanatics! LOL! So glad I found you and I can’t wait to check out the other what the other 3 have created!

  65. Such a great card.
    Loving the HP themed blog hop!

  66. wow It’s like i;m in the movie! that’s so cool and really looking like that one scene, awesome!

  67. Dee Earnshaw says:

    Wow the background on this card is just amazing – the glow is perfect πŸ™‚

  68. Jean Purpura says:

    Wow wow wow! this card is amazing….simply magical!

  69. Fun blog hop and great card.

  70. Your card is amazing!

  71. Jennifer Archambault says:

    Wow! Just amazed at your well thought out design and the techniques you used. Great card! So inspired now! Thanks for sharing!

  72. Wow! That was amazing. I have never seen that technique before😍 Huge Harry Potter fans in our house. I was at a few of the midnight releases. So much fun. Myself and my sons just watched that Movie about 2 weeks ago. Thanks for sharing😊

  73. WOW! Such an amazing card! Absolutely love what you did!! Thanks for the chance to win this fun prize! I have some very old stampscape stamps! So happy they are still around!

  74. I love HP (I have a tattoo) and you girls really amaze me! I loved every card in this hop and it was such a joy watching all the videos! Thank you so much for sharing!

  75. I hate to admit it on line, but I have not read nor seen the movies of Harry Potter !! Shocking, I know. However, I absolutely love the effect your card. The effect of the white circle is fabulous and makes me have an interest now to read the books. I enjoyed your video very much. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  76. Karen Gerek says:

    Wow!, Ingrid this is the first time that I’ve been to your blog and I am just blown away! I was mesmerized! You are SO talented. I can’t wait to get to the other two blogs and see what those ladies have created so that I can jump back to your blog and start seeing what else you have to offer. Truly loved the video process.

  77. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your magic to making trees taller :). Love the card. I’m glad there are still lots of HP lovers out there πŸ™‚

  78. Wow, just wow! That is so amazing! I love the scene and was directly taken back to the movie! Awesome!!!

  79. Jade Stewart says:

    That was beautiful to watch, and I loved watching your entire process. The person getting this card needs to frame that.

  80. I agree, definitely a piece of art! The effects on this card are so spot on. Wonderful!

  81. Your card is a an amazing work of art! I love the scene (and all of the books!).

  82. Nancy Kenny Monahan says:

    OMG Ingrid…this is NOT a card but a piece of art my dear! Watching you create this and seeing the journey of its progress was so amazing and enjoyable! I am so looking forward to more of these scene cards and I can’t thank you enough for sharing!

  83. Carol Godfrey says:

    Very pretty love the depth it gives! Love Harry potter

  84. Whoa! 😱 Love everything about this card. Learned so much! Never heard of Stampscape or ink dragging technique till now. Sweet tip with the paper towel tearing for a softer feathery look. As a Harry Potter fan, you did that scene justice and captured its essence. Love, love, love.

  85. Twila M Price says:

    Wow. I love this scene. So much work, but really beautiful

  86. WOWsers! This is amazing! I love this scene and the patronus idea is brilliant!

  87. OH MY…such an iconic scene executed perfectly. Makes me want to watch the whole series again…NOW! Such beautiful inking and stamping. So many clever techniques. Awesome tutorial.

  88. Jennifer Jane Mills says:

    I love Harry Potter this is an awesome card. I have never watched at 30+ minute card video. I FF or get bored but this was great

  89. Laura Chiesa says:

    Truly magical card! Harry Potter blog hop was a genius idea!

  90. Arianna Barbara says:

    Awww!!! Such a cool blog hop!!! I love so much Harry Potter!!!
    Your card is absolutely breathless!!! Really magical!!!

  91. OMG what a great card. Thanks for sharing.

  92. Tara Prince says:

    What an amazing card! I love Harry Potter!!

  93. Barbara Mann says:

    This mere muggle is in awe of your creative talent. Your card certainly is a wonderful representation of the world of Harry Potter.

  94. What a cool idea for a hop. Your card is magical. Love that glow. Harry Potter rocks. Hugz

  95. Love it! Daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan!

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